Our Dogs

We've been breeding and training Border Collies for over 30 years. Our dog’s bloodlines are first generation, imported from Scotland and England. Not only do our dogs work the farm daily, where we raise sheep, pigs, geese, and occasionally cows, but also they are also highly trained competitive trial dogs.

We train our dogs for nuisance goose control on domestic geese. We are able to train them year round due to our indoor training facility. We feel that goose control dogs should be trained on geese, and not ducks or sheep. By using domestic geese, they are pre-exposed to the working conditions that they will find on the job.

Nutmeg Farm is a world-renowned dog training facility. When other goose control companies need their dogs trained, tuned up, or looking to purchase a trained dog, they come to us. Call for a free demonstration and quote.

If you're looking for a goose control dog to purchase, or pup you're welcome to join our waiting list.