About Us

Lynnette Milleville is an accomplished author – her book, Hear my Voice, was published in 2015. She also continues to compete, judge, and train dogs, as well as their owners around the world. Lynnette has trained with shepherds, as well as professional herding trainers in North America and overseas, including Great Britian, and Germany. Furthermore, Lynnette has bred Border Collies from working lines for over thirty years.

Coming from a background of public service, Lynnette worked, volunteered, and taught in the Emergency Medical Services field. She also worked as an Animal Control Officer for the town of Portland, and has served on the board of directors for the New England Animal Control Academy. Additionally, as licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator with the State of Connecticut (N0929), Lynnette is uniquely qualified to serve her clients through Connecticut.

Lynnette is the owner and head trainer of Nutmeg Farm Dog Sport Center. This training facility is well known throughout New England, and specializes in herding and scent training. Nutmeg Farm also hosts numerous competitive events each year.

Lynnette's son, Matthew Milleville, grew up on the farm. He also has Border Collies who work on the farm daily, and has participated in herding trials over the years. Matthew completed his certification to become a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator in 2016 (N1346).

Nutmeg Farm is a fully licensed and insured LLC. All of our staff are certified and licensed for wildlife control by the State of Connecticut. We service commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

Finally, Nutmeg Farm has been quietly training and selling goose control dogs to golf clubs and other goose control companies.